Water Quality Cleanup

Our patented Aeresolization method works quickly and efficiently to provide clean drinking water.

On-Site Aerosolization of Biological & Chemical Wastewaters and Algae’s (AerosoliZLDTM)

• A safe, effective, efficient, scientifically proven, immediately deployable and extremely economical proprietary system and method for disposing of ALL biological and chemical wastewaters (and Algae’s) for a true “Zero Liquid Discharge-ZLD” capability.
• Discharging, Spray fields, on-site treatment systems and trucking to a treatment plant for eventual discharge are now optional.
• Cooperative Agreement (CRADA) with the Army Corp of Engineers for monitoring and reporting established.
• A compliance driven solution for ALL biological or chemical wastewater owners (or Algae’s) where total implementation costs are generally @ 80% less than existing solutions.
• Customized site-specific proprietary system design integration with client directed engineering development options, which overlay existing operations.
• Immediate site-specific consulting and customizable licensing, system deployment, operations monitoring and reporting.
• Site-specific possible increases in daily production through “minor-modifications” to existing permits.

A. Solution: Existing wastewater treatment (and ALL Algae’s) and final disposal compliance laws, regulations, rules and their public and private sector on-site interpretation are costly, confusing and susceptible to extensive challenges and public misunderstanding. Treatment facilities that seek to remove chemical and biological contaminants from the waterways have also struggled with compliance and improvement. Both public and private sector compliance administrators, and their consultants, are conflicted by past compliance requirements and further may have an academic and professional background usually in the engineering professions or related fields rather than the medical sciences. Aerosolization is a long proven medical based technology now transferred to the wastewater (and algae) disposal professional fields.

B. Proven Science: Aerosolization utilizes the natural processes of: individual particle electro-static charges, waterborne oxidation, airborne oxidation, additional and much more powerful electrostatic charges, gravity and atmospheric disposal of the water component to provide four separate encapsulation processes to safely, quickly, efficiently and economically provide for on-site dewatering of all types of wastewater and algae’s. All of these natural processes, when taken together, would be called Aerosolization as air (or oxidation) is being added to a solution and in very high flow rates. The now encapsulated biological and chemical contaminants are then delivered to a particular on-site and lined retention area, for eventual and appropriate solids disposal, while immediately releasing the water component of the formerly defined wastewater or algae as now cleaned water vapor. This natural process and method can be operated in various on-site applications continuously.

C. Overview: Aerosolization is a revolutionary technology that makes most existing treatments or methods of wastewater final disposal optional. Aerosolization can be immediately implemented across all public and private sector wastewater-producing sites (or Algae effected waters) with very minimal additional capital or operational modifications to existing operations.

D. Operational and Licensing Quote Options:
• AEI, LLC offers a treatment service for disseminating and disposing of all biological or chemical wastewaters or algae’s.
• Complete turnkey operational plans from external or internal engineering assets with licensing options, equipment purchasing and daily operations.
• Consulting with external or internal engineering assets to modify existing infrastructure with licensing options, equipment and daily operational flexibility. Based on client derived site-specific operational specifications and site visit.
• Direct licensing and equipment sales with operational contracting and additional supporting or third party agreements. Based on client derived site-specific operational specifications and site visit.

• Direct sales of additional “Aqueous Solutions” for use in conjunction with on-site Aerosolization of a site’s biological or chemical wastewater algae. Based on client derived site-specific operational specifications and site visit.
• Lead Times: From initial client meeting, and agreement of services to be performed, a 2-3 month timeline to delivery is expected.

E. Products and Services:
• Product/Service Description: AEI, LLC greatly reduces total capital and operational fixed and variable costs, administration of compliance, reduces total site headcount and total fixed and variable considerations.
• System Life Cycle: As the infrastructure and equipment is in daily contact with wastewater, there will be maintenance and support requirement’s as total system replacements must be anticipated on a short and continuous timeline.
• Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets: NDA’s will be required with site specifications transmittal and before client directed service pricing is delivered.
• Future Research and Development: The infrastructure, aerosolization equipment, aqueous solutions material and best practices will always need to be modified or improved. Improvements to the modular infrastructure and equipment system and customized Integrated Mobile Aerosolization System (IMAS) machines, operational best practices and virtually monitored compliance systems will be constantly improved with our clients and partners input.
• Pricing- Final site specific pricing delivered 2 business days after site visit and client derived specifications and deliverables communicated.

Features & Benefits

Below are videos that shows Aerosolization in action