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AWG TIFFANY Hydration Station

Uses EPA Recommended Ozone Treatment

MSRP: $5,399

Gathering humidity from the atmosphere is the most reliable and secure source of drinking water on the planet. Our atmosphere holds 12 quadrillion liters of distilled water according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It is an untapped and virtually unlimited source of pure, fresh drinking water. AWG-Water’s TIFFANY HS holds the key to unlocking that valuable resource.

The uniqueness of the TIFFANY HS is that it performs five separate functions during the water generating process:

  1. It provides 99.99% pure cool water.
  2. It acts as a dehumidifier, which creates a more comfortable environment which will enable HVAC units to operate more efficiently thereby reducing HVAC usage and costs.
  3. The TIFFANY’s electrostatic filter will clean and purify the air we breathe.
  4. The TIFFANY’s ozone purification process adds 70 PPM (parts per million) of oxygen to the water, delivering 99.99% pure, oxygen enriched water, the best tasting, healthiest water on the planet. Our competitors only add approximately 30 PPM of oxygen to their water.
  5. The Commercial TIFFANY HS models deliver from approx one Kilowatt up to 100  Kilowatts  of nominal cooling capacity while generating drinking water.

Features & Benefits

Extracts Moisture from the Air to generate “pure drinking water”

UNLIMITED SUPPLY Of pure water for drinking and cooking

The purest, best tasting drinking water on the market

TIFFANY produces up to 10 gallons* of pure drinking water per day

HIGHEST QUALITY Most durable unit available on the market (MADE IN THE USA)

EnviroGuard Ozone System destroys and removes all bacteria, viruses and impurities

No more lifting bulky 5 gallon (42lbs) water bottles… reduce back problems and storage issues

Water can be enriched with minerals with optional filters (alkaline pH)

Creates oxygen enriched water (LIVE WATER) which hydrates the body faster

Filters the Air with an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial Air Filter

Dehumidifies the Air for comfort reducing mold/mildew and increase A/C efficiency

A true “Green” solution to WATER SUSTAINABILITY No plumbing No use of ground water

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